Monday, March 13, 2017

The makings of a pantry

When we moved to New Jersey, we rented a large home in a great school district. We LOVED that house! We lived in it for four years, which is the longest we have ever lived in one place since we have been married.

The one thing that I would change about that house, if I could, is to build a pantry. Having lived in the "south" for all of my married life, pantries were standard in any home, but it is not so common here in New Jersey. As was the case when we purchased our fixer upper.

 We set out to find a place to put one in. In my mind it was beautiful, stocked full of supplies for our busy household.

 At first we thought about replacing the non permitted half bathroom off the kitchen with my pantry. But, once we demoed the half bath, we discovered that it was actually built over an old stoop and thus it was structurally unsound.

Under that window, were some steps that came down from the original stoop. The current back door had some pretty steep and unsafe steps off of it that needed a railing. We decided to enclose the back door and "bathroom door, and open up a new door that comes directly out of the kitchen onto the stoop.

We then added a door to the "hallway" to complete our pantry. 

We definitely feel that the pantry fits much better with the flow of the kitchen and that it was the right  choice for this house. As an added plus not only did I get my pantry, I got a walk-in pantry! 

Stay tuned to see how we finished the inside of the pantry to what is now our farm house pantry!

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