Monday, October 31, 2016

My Favorite Paint Color of All Time!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may know that we had a little paint incident when we started painting our main living area. We headed over to Home Depot and had one of our favorite paint colors mixed for us. The color was Sherwin Williams, Universal Khaki. We have used this color many times before in different houses, and loved it. We were sure that the fact that our main living area had so many windows and can lighting, it would not be too dark for the area.

We were WRONG. I think there were a number of factors why this color did not work for this house.
1) The ceiling is not high enough
2) The color it self was mixed darker and more caramel than the sample we brough in
3) The color made the home look out dated instead of airy
Luckily, we had only painted the foyer when we realized this color was not going to work!
At this point we did not have many options. We had analyzed color after color before deciding on Universal Khaki and did not really have a back up color in mind, but we were eager to paint over our foyer as soon as possible!
We decided to just grab the same color we did in our kitchen because it was not too dark, it was gray but it felt warm and it seemed to go with every color we put against it.

And we are sooo glad we did! The color is Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray and I have to say it is my favorite color of all time. It looks a little ligher in the kitchen, and just perfect in the main living area. It goes with EVERYTHING and I think it makes our little ranch look sophisticated yet cozy.

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