Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Welcome back?

My husband has been asking me to get back into blogging lately. It's probably because we finally bought a new house! New is a relative term....

We bought this home as a foreclosure. It had been vacant for over 3 years. We have some pipe damage, broken toilets and a DISGUSTING kitchen 
(you don't want to know what I found in those cabinets and counter tops)

 We have only really owned new construction homes in the past. The only updates we have experience with are small finishing aesthetic touches that increase charm. This home, on the other hand, needs a complete overhaul and I think it will be fun to document the process. We are not experts, we don't have endless resources. We are just normal people. Except my husband. He is really great at working with his hands. I am pretty terrible at it, but I have decent ideas so we make a good team. 

Join us as we hope for the best and wish us luck as we put our ideas to play. 

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  1. Welcome back!! Excited to see the upcoming projects.


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