Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Talking about Grown up vs Child spaces, we decided to take this idea outdoors. When we bought this house the outdoors was the most dissapointing area of all. The homes in our street were on a wider lot when compared to other homes in the neighborhood, but the builder set our home sooo far back that we felt we barely had a backyard. To compound to this, the landscaping was horrible! We were not given sod and the seeds that were irrigated must have washed away with a rain storm because we never saw it.

When we decided to work on the landscaping we were basically starting from scractch!

We decided to get a 6ft privacy fence, and it was soo nice! The kids played outside for hours, and we did not have to fear that they were unsafe if left unattended for a few moments.

Since the back of our house was facing west, it was really really sunny in the evening. A pergola mostly fixed that problem!

We also extended the patio slab left by the buidler with some Quickcrete cement molds.

We couldn't leave the kids out of the picture, we created a child play area on one corner of the yard. We mulched it and placed child appropriate toys.

Lastly, we threw some Bermuda Sod (these pictures were taken in January when the grass was dormant, in the warmer months the grass was beautiful and radiant green)


This last picture shows you how "green" the grass looked in the spring, summer and fall.

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  1. I love this. I was googling some ideas on how to extend my back patio as I started exactly as you did - from scratch. No sod, no cover, just a slab and a bunch of dirt and mud. I have sod now but want to extend my back patio slab area and add a pergola.


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