Thursday, January 31, 2013

The home tour continues

The home tour continues up the stairs and into our playroom

We painted the loft and the hallways Sherwin Williams "Relaxed Khaki"

What I loved the most  about this play room is that it was a loft, I was able to see it from any room in the 2nd floor. 

I also liked that it was carpeted. It was very cozy probably my 2nd favorite room in the house.

Another feature that I loved about this house, was the upstairs laundry room.

 Oh! how I miss my HE appliances!! They saved us soo much money on our utility bills and made the pesky task of laundry somehow more enjoyable. 

And look at this huge linen closet!!

I had high hopes and plans for this laundry room, but there was simply no time to uncover its true beauty.

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