Monday, January 28, 2013

Sprucing up

Tell me if this happens to you... It's the beginning of the year, the holiday decor is put away, and you look around and decide that the house needs... work? I am not talking major demo here but, something is definitely off, in virtually every room?!

NO?! oh ya, I guess it only happens to me. But maybe you can relate to me in the after the holidays low budget to decorate situation? Still no??

Lucky for me, I have moved a time or two and have a few boxes full of decor that I can play with when I get bored with my current decor. Best of all, it comes with a $0 price tag!

First on my list is my holiday decorated foyer. I don't actually have any pictures of it decorated for the holidays (of course) but imagine, if you will, the following pictures with your token red and green holiday accessories.

Even with the imaginary Christmas decorations, its a bit bland isn't it?

Thank goodness I decided to spruce it up:

That feels better, now onto the kitchen!

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