Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Decisions Decisions .....

Project August is underway. I think I am a little closer to choosing a paint color. At first I was thinking a creamy buttermilk like SW Jersey Cream

But it reminded me too much of big sister's old room, which i adore, but i just wanted something different... I think.....

I am not a huge fan of yellow and reds, and since little sister is inheriting all of the lady bug paraphernalia, it might be yellow/red overkill.
Although I am drawn to paint her room this color, I think I am heading in a different direction. 

So I am thinking something green, which again I was sort of hesitant about, since Big Brother's room is green with red and blue.... 

But anyway, while I mull over the choices, I will let you know that I am leaning towards..
Sherwin Williams Livable Green

What do you think? Green or Yellow?

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