Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Summer Homeschool

This week we will be starting our summer homeschool. It was important for us as a family to keep the kiddos brain working throughout the summer and work on discovering things that may not be in their normal school curriculums. In addition we want to take advantage of our new proximity to NYC and the northeast and plan some trips that go along with our lessons.

I also find that my children need planned activities and a routine to stick to or they go completely CRAZY. Since we started our summer vacation early with our move, the kids were lucky enough to get a full month of uninhibited (within reason) fun. They spent a week with grandma and went to all kinds of amusement parks and basically played the entire time! They also had plenty of unplanned free playtime here as we were busy unpacking and settling into our new home.

Our curriculum for the summer includes:




Reading and Writing


I tried to add something fun to do everyday, especially crafts, as my kids LOVE crafts.

We are still trying to get completely organized around here, but for the meantime I created a mock schedule (per the kids request!). If it proves to be successful, I will share by the end of the week!

Stay tuned folks!

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