Thursday, July 19, 2012

How do you Curtains Hang?

I wanted to share with you the last little part of our Bay Window Makeover for less, by showing you how we hung our “curtains” to make the our home made Bay window fixtures, look like well real Bay Window Curtain rods.


Remember when I showed you how to make the Curtain Panels out of Tablecloths, I told you not to cut two of the tablecloths in half?
This is why. In order to hide the finials in the interior sections of the bay window curtain rods, we are going to need those two full size tablecloths to do the work for us.

We accomplished it by hanging half of the “curtain” on one of the side windows, and the other half of the curtain on the middle or center window.


The use the folds of the fabric strategically hide the finials all together.

You will technically still be able to see them if you look closely, but overall they should flow and seem to disappear.

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