Thursday, July 12, 2012

A different kind of Tablecloth Curtains

A few years ago, I walked you through how to make your own Tablecloth Curtains. Since then, and since Pinterest I have seen a plethora of Tablecloth Curtain ideas being featured. On the ones that I made back in 2011, I used a plain tablecloth cut in half lengthwise, I hemmed the edges that were cut, and then hung using curtain clips.
This time around, I used a similar idea but I wanted a more tailored look.
To do this I put in a little more work into the curtains, but overall it was still pretty simple and much more inexpensive than buying drapery fabric and hemming all of the sides. Also, because my ceilings are at least 10 ft, the cost of purchasing panels for all of the windows that were long enough to fit these huge windows, would have been astronomical.
Here is an example of an attempt. These Curtains were purchased at TJMaxx. I think they were 84”…


I purchased these tablecloths at Marshalls. They were around $20 each, because I needed them to be very long. If you get the shorter ones, they will be even more inexpensive.

I needed 5 windows to be covered, but  I actually bought 6 tablecloths, and I will let you know why in another post. The point is, buy one tablecloth, per window, got it?
For the Bay window, I cut one of my tablecloths in half, and left the other two as is.
For the other two windows, I cut both tablecloths in half. Then, I hemmed 2 inches on the bottom edge. Because I wanted a tailored look, I pinned and ironed the bottom hem before I sewed it together. On the top, I pinned and ironed but did not sew. The reasoning behind this was that it would allow me to have at least two inches of material that I could play with if it happened to be too short or too long.

I did the same to the raw edges on the sides (for the ones that were cut lengthwise).
So to recap, iron and pin all of your hems. Obviously you do not need to sew a hem to the sides of the panels that were not cut in half. Sew the bottom and raw side edge, if any. Lastly, pin the folded, ironed top hem with curtain rings.DSCN4829

I will tell you how to hang the uncut pieces and how to install a faux bay window curtain rod in future posts! Enjoy curtain making!

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  1. Such a clever idea to use the tablecloths for curtains. I love the pattern too. Great choice!


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