Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Decorating a boys room

Setting up AJ’s room was not as challenging as decorating Allie’s. Why do you ask? Because this boy has had a CARS room since he was four. When we moved into this house, we gave him the option to pick anything he wanted for this room. We gave him options that would grow with him such as an outer space room, a cowboy inspired room, a world map inspired room. But what did this lovely boy pick? Yup, you got it, CARS. Since I had mostly everything on hand all we really needed to do was paint and add a few accessories.

Here is his room before:

Here it is newly painted



We worked on his room while he was away with grandma, so everything other than the wall color (which he picked himself) was a surprise.

We thought he would really love this:


and these lights



Were hoping that when the lights are turned off, the ambiance of the blue lights will resemble the inside of Lightning McQueen’s racecar trailer (the scene in part CARS part 1 when McQueen is riding inside of MAC..?)

Do you think it will work?

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