Thursday, July 5, 2012

Arranging a Boy’s Room

After an extra deep clean in AJ’s room, we proceeded to arranged the furniture in his room. We wanted his room to have enough space for him to play with his big boy toys.

We placed his chest of drawers on the right hand side of the room flanking the large window.


We then decided to place his bed against the window and his small red desk on the other side of the window.



We already had two large CARS posters from his old room, but he kept insisting for wall stickers too. At first I hesitated to get them for him as I felt that they were a bit young, and I wanted this room to grow with him. Then, we decided to go ahead and get them for him because they were not very expensive at $10, and as he outgrows them we can just peel them off the wall.DSCN4627




DSCN4637He loves it!

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