Monday, June 18, 2012

What a Tangled Mess!

Since we will be basically starting from scratch in this room, I gave Allie another chance to make her paint selections, again. I had geared up to this by preselecting some slightly darker pink paint colors for her to choose from.

This client meeting went to a screeching halt when I discovered that  my little client no longer wanted a pink princess room, she now wanted a “Purple Rapunzel/Tangled Room”.

Well, when I said I was starting from “scratch” I didn’t mean it literally! Thank goodness that we had not purchased any items for the “Pink Princess Room” or we’d be in trouble!

So it was back to the drawing room for some ideas and I have to say that I did find some really cute ones!

This one was by far my favorite!

My mind is reeling with ideas!
The color we picked this time around is a pinkish purple called Behr Wing Flutter. When I looked at my old color card, I realized that it is actually on the same card as the old color Behr Wispy Pink. Wing Flutter is the second swatch on the paint card.
Hopefully, this color will do the trick and hide the green from the walls!!

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