Monday, June 4, 2012

We are making slow but steady progress in our new home. So far we have painted the main rooms and have been trying to decorate. We still have boxes here and there but for just being here a weekend and pregnant, I think we are doing great with settling in.

This is the how the Living Room looked prior to our move in :

The walls were an oatmeal looking color and the adjacent Dining Room was a pumpkin Orange color. We wanted both rooms to flow together as they are essentially one Great Room.

Here is the Living Room after the hubs painted it. The color we chose was Martha Stewart Sharkey Gray.

I think that the color complements the floor perfectly and highlights the bay window.

Here is the room today, we still have a way to go but it is a start!

We still need to:
  • Add curtains to the two windows on the left wall
  • add curtains to the bay window
  • buy another lamp for the side table on the left hand side of the couch
  • buy an area rug
  • buy/make some more throw pillows

Well there is the living room a few days after our move, it is definitely coming together!

Oh, what's that? You want to see the adjacent dining room?? Hmm I.... don't know if... that's a good.... Oh what the heck, here it is

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