Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Removing a Wallpaper border

This weekend, I started getting some work done in Allie's room. If you recall, Allie's room is the one with the lovely wallpaper border. Incase your forgot what it looked like, here it is....

I read alot of articles on Pinterest and around the web, about different techniques to remove wallpaper from walls. I tried a myriad of techniques on my own experiment...

1st- Pulling it off

this worked... but not well

2nd- Using a Steam Machine

This had potential in working but took a very long time to work

3rd, and lastly, Vinegar Water Solution!!!

This worked like a charm!!!

To make this solution, equal parts of water and pure distilled vinegar were poured into a spray bottle. The solution was then sprayed directly onto the wallpaper border and then scraped off with a scraping tool. Better results were observed when the solution was sprayed on the surface of the wallpaper and was left to penetrate through the layers of paper and paste for a few minutes, before it was scraped off. 

The acidity of the vinegar made the wallpaper backing turn yellow, demonstrating it was soaked through and ready to be removed. 

I found that the job moved along a bit quicker when I sprayed the wallpaper with the solution, pulled off the top layer of wallpaper, and then sprayed the remaining paper and paste again letting it sit for a few minutes, that the remaining residue just melted off the wall when scraped. 

After you *think* all of the paste and paper has been removed, don't hesitate to spray it one more time. This way whatever gunk remains can be easily noticed as it turns yellow against the wall.

The room did smell like a big bowl of salad for a day or two, but since then, the smell has dissipated.

Now isn't this a much better sight!

Well, not really.... 

How about this!

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