Friday, June 15, 2012

Painting Begins in the Princess Room

The paint was purchased in Home Depot. We picked Wispy Pink by Behr but we color matched it to a Glidden Duo paint that includes primer plus the paint in one, in an eggshell finish.
Behr Wispy Pink
Since the color we are painting over, is a pretty strong green, we thought primer would be a must. I was very excited to see how this pretty pink would turn out, so we went straight to work!

First coat is up… and not looking too great. I brush it off though, because, paint rarely looks good after the first coat, right..??!
Plus, its such a pretty pink!!
Behr Wispy Pink
After the second coat, we decided to take a break and let the paint seep into the walls. We gave it a day. The next day, this is how the paint showed on the walls….

The pictures really do not give a fair estimation to the situation. In person, the green that was previously on the wall seeps right through the pink. The pink itself looks more like an off white.
On the right hand side of this wall, we even snuck in a third coat, and although it did look somewhat better than the rest of the wall, it still did not look very good.
Allie came into the room and said, “mom, it’s white?! I really wanted a pink room!!”. I can’t really say I blame her, it really does look white. And I can sympathize the disappointment of a little girl that has never truly had a really girly room of her linking. Since her old room was decorated before she really had a voice or any input whatsoever, it was done in yellow and red. Also, this might be the last time that she ever gets to have a room to herself…..

If the dilemma here was only  a pinkish/white paint, I don’t think it would have been that big of a deal. After all, with some pink accessories the Pink Princess Room would still be a success. In reality, the main problem is that the paint looks white with a dash of olive green peering through. And if we have to bother giving it another two to three coats of this paint to diminish the green effect,we might as well just buy a slightly darker paint color to replace it.
Having that said…. I guess it’s back to the drawing board for this girl!

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