Thursday, June 7, 2012

No real improvements have been done to the living room yet. My main priority is to unpack all of the boxes and then move onto decor. The next items on my list are the kids room. This home has four bedrooms, our old home had 3 bedrooms plus a loft area. Since we lost the loft, we are using our "family room" as our play room, and giving each of the kids their own room, for now. The plan is that when the new baby is 2ish, it will share a room with one of its siblings.
It is necessary to focus on the kids room first because:

1. They ALL need painting.
2. Allie is getting new furniture because her room is rather small, and her full sized bed will not allow for alot of room to move around
3. My mother is taking the kids for a week in a couple of weeks, so that will give us good time to work on both rooms without them here to intervene
4. Allie is staying in her future sibling's room right now since we still need to paint and get her furniture

This is their rooms as they look today
Allie's Room:

AJ's Room:

Allie's room is not too bad, but there is no paint behind the border, and we dont know what color that actually is. She wanted a pink princess room anyway so we might as well paint the entire thing.

We already bought the paint, but need to remove the border from Allie's room before we can start painting.

My immediate priority is to get her closet set up so that we can put her clothes away. I have seen a few great ideas online:

I'll let you know how it works out!

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