Thursday, June 28, 2012

How To Make Easy Faux Roman Shades

Although Allie’s bedroom curtains are not a 100% complete, I wanted to share with you how we made easy Faux Roman Shades for her bare windows.

I luckily had the exact amount of fabric needed for this project in my stash.
I cut off the excess material and made a rectangular shape. I then measured the window and the width of the fabric to see if the fabric would be wide enough to cover the entire window. This is when I discovered that the fabric was about 1 inch smaller than the width of the window. No worries, a little double fold bias tape for the edges is all we need to take care of the problem and add some length to the width of the fabric.

The bias tape allowed for the fabric to appear to be extended another inch and thus cover the entire window length.
For the top of the curtain, I sewed over an inch of fabric in order to make the “tunnel” for the curtain rod to be pulled through.  I also sewed a frilly edge to the bottom of the curtain for a little spunk.
Now on to making the roman shade:
I found this idea on Pinterest and thought it was brilliant! All you need for this portion of the project is at least three suspension curtain rods. Starting from the top of the window sill, place the curtain rods about a foot away from the one before it in front of the curtain.
Then, pull some of the fabric over the rod to make a small drape.
And… That’s it!  I told you it was easy!!!

updated 7/10/12
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