Saturday, May 19, 2012

Love your Life Now

I want to start a series. I have never done a series, or atleast not one that I can follow through with. But I think this series is something that I can commit to. So many times in my life, I have looked at the future and dismissed my life now. You know, like, when _____ happens then I'll be happy, or life will be easier.

For example right now in my life I think, when I sell my house, I will be happy. Or, when I move to NJ, I will be happy by....

I want to take a step back, and see if you can take a step back with me. Every Wednesday, I want to post a reason why you Love Your Life NOW. Maybe we can call it, Loving Life Wednesday or something.... It doesnt matter if you don't have too much money, or all of the things that your think you want to be happy. It is a moment to stop, in the middle of the week, and appreciate what you have now!

Are you with me?

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