Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I had intended in updating this blog atleast 3 times a week.... Obviously I have not, why you ask?

Because nothing about moving to New Jersey has gone smoothly. Specially when it comes to finding a rental! Holy CoW, who would have thought renting was soo hard! Honestly, its easier to buy, you could probably close faster, get exactly what you are looking for and be in the area you want in the price range you want. None of which is the case when you are trying to find a rental. For starters, if you happen to find a perfect rental, a 100 other people have too and then it becomes a bidding war. In said bidding wars the first thing to increase is the rental price! Then you find the perfect home, with the space you need and the owners refuse to give you a 2 year lease.. WHY?  OR the famous you can live here for 2 years but cannot touch ANYTHING, cannot paint the flourencent yellow walls in the living room, or fix the crack in the ceiling, and we wont fix it because its not like falling on you yet... And the ancient fridge, ya.... you cant change that either.


This is even more fun when you live 10 hours away and can't just drive to the place and see it at will!!!

Is anyone out there from New Jersey and can offer some insight or tell me what IS actually good about it?? OR Better yet, where are my renters? Anyone have any similar stories to share?

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