Thursday, October 27, 2011

finding my style

For my birthday, my hubby bought me a watch. It was not this watch, it was a very nice watch that looked like his.

The watch he got me, was not me though, so I had to return it and go on a quest to find my own.
(don't worry we are both very OK with this returning gifts from each other, I cannot remember the last gift he kept that I gave him)

I always like the watches at Fossil that you can choose a strap and choose your own face. I like having the power to really determine how it would look, along with the option to change the look of the watch by changing the strap, or face.

After looking at several different combinations, I chose this one. At first the combination looked like it might not work since the face is a bit on the fancy side, and the strap is more casual and industrial. But when I saw them together, my heart did a little flip.

I usually have a hard time determining what my type of style is. Whenever I take an online quiz in a home design website, the results are often skewed. I either end up being defined as Elegant, other times modern, and less times casual. I usually feel like I do like an aspect of each separate design style, but I would not consider myself entirely one over the other. I think my design style is a combination of all of these aspects. This watch, I think, narrows my style pretty well. I like a little sparkle, but not tooo much! I like a tailored look and straight lines, but only with a few interesting pieces thrown in. I think that this watch accomplishes this with the stitching and the metal buttons. Together, however it complements each other, the straight lines and casualness of the strap makes the usually overly extravagant face less formal and more chic.

So.. I guess that is it, my design style is a combination of casually modern, with a few pieces of measured excessiveness.

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