Friday, September 2, 2011

a little about me...

I never have thought of myself as "trendy". I tend to shop for items that I like, fits my personality and are appealing to me at the time. I find that the same is true when speaking about the way I choose to decorate my home. It doesn't have to be really expensive, be right out of a picture of a magazine or follow the rules other have made of what is "in" or not. What truly matters is that it is "in"with me.

If it is in style, expensive, full of character and I LOVE it, then I buy it. But I refuse to purchase it simply because it is in style, expensive and someone or everyone else loves it.

I have discovered that the remarkable jewel in this principle is that I can reinvent my style in my own time and not as the times  and styles change.  Until of course,its time to reinvent.

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  1. All of your decorating is so beautiful. I don't decorate much, but I certainly appreciate others' beautiful decor.

  2. thank you Jaylyn!! I really enjoy putting things together thanks for visiting!!


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