Monday, September 19, 2011

Lighting Movement

The progress in the Front Room, is coming along nicely, but a bit slowly. Before I show you how it is looking so far, let me show you what we have been up to.
Since this room is more of a Study now, we wanted to give it a gallery lighting affect. An easy way to accomplish this is by the use of track lighting. Using can lighting is intrusive and can be expensive, and spot lighting needs to be wired in various places in the room. With track lighting, you can focus on a certain object by directing the light beam to it, from a central spot.

Here is my trusty handy hubby, doing the heavy lifting. Thanks sweetie!!

In case you forgot, this is what was in here before:

I absolutely love how this fixture looks in here now!

We bought this track light in IKEA for less than $50. One interesting feature we liked about it, is that the outer light poles can bend in or out to accommodate your needs. We opted to leave them open here,  because this is a rather large room and when the outer lights were bent in, the fixture appeared so small that it seemed to disapear into the ceiling.

But, where did the old fixture go?...
It is now sitting pretty in our dining nook. When we first moved in to our home, we decided to use this area as our main dining space. The area is large enough to accommodate a table that seats 8, mostly comfortably. BUT I will show you the kitchen and the changes we made to it, in detail,  in a later post. (promise!!)

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Before, there was a similar but smaller light fixture here

We extended the table to accommodate the larger fixture. Hubby does not find that the change in the dining room made a big difference, but I bed to differ!

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