Friday, September 16, 2011

Falling for Fall

I took a small break from the home office/study project to work on the curb appeal of our home. I am guiltily, or not so guiltily one of those people that tries to decorate their entrance to reflect the seasons. I still need a few touches like a wreath on the door and something maybe over the windows, but here it is so far.

I bought the Mums on sale. When it comes to plants, I always buy the smallest one I can find. The big bush of Mums were about $10, the medium size was $5 and the smallest were 2/$5. I bought about 6 of the smallest and 2 of the medium size. I planted the smallest ones around the perimeter of the porch, and used the bigger ones to anchor the door. I would have gone with the smallest there as well, but the urns that I was using were rather large. Don't be intimidated by small plants, they will GROW!

Garden Ridge, a Building 19 type of store in North Carolina had all of their outdoor pillows for 1/2 off, yup I grabbed those Red and Ivory lovelies from there!

I got the basket holding the Mums at work, doesn't it SCREAM fall?!

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Do YOU update your curb appeal with the seasons? Let me know how?

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