Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Family Room

If you took a look at the pictures in my previous posts, you might be asking yourself, "why are all her pictures blurry?"

I'll tell you why! My old camera stopped working about 6 months ago, if not longer. I was going to buy a new camera, but then i discovered how great my phone's camera was. The fact that I could immediately upload the picture to facebook or to my email was an absolute plus. Until..... the dreadful day when I washed my phone. Yes I did, and no I won't elaborate at this time. But I bet the blurry pictures are making a lot more sense now!

Anyways, this weekend we got ourselves a brand new camera, and I must say LOVE!!! Take a look at my family room/kitchen. I realize I have not updated the blog with the results of painting the family room, so here you go!!!

update 9/17/11- I never posted a before picture of the family room, here you go!!

2009 before we closed :
Holidays 2009

2010- after paint

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