Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to make easy curtains

This is somewhat a difficult post to write.. I am going to attempt to write my first tutorial without pictures... Why you ask? because I was brilliant and did not take pictures while I was making these curtains.

Why you ask? I will be perfectly honest.. Because I usually think up of projects and ideas like this pretty often. BUT when they come into fruition, they hardly look the way it did in my imagination! I am very pleased to how these curtains came out and even more amazed that my idea worked!! If I could do it ANY ONE CAN, and in fact it was not THAT difficult.

For starters you will need:

1-2 yards of your favorite fabric shower curtain or fabric (depending on how many windows you have)

1 tablecloth per window(mine was the 102")

sewing machine

coordinating thread

The reason I used a shower curtain is twofold. 1) I loved the pattern it had and 2) it was sewn around the edges.

The reason I used a tablecloth is threefold. 1) I wanted curtains that were 108" in height, every curtain I found in the store was at most 96" and expensive and 2) it is sewn around the edges 3) it is relatively inexpensive

First I measured out my shower curtain- it was 70x 72

Onto the tablecloth, this one is easier, just cut in half lengthwise. Now you should have two 30x102 inch pieces per window. I have three windows in this room, therefore I needed three  tablecloths, which turned into six "panels" once cut.

Now that you have all of your pieces cut out, its time to sew

for the valance:

just sew the bottom edge of the shower curtain.

For the panels:

Attach the edges together right sides facing each other and sew along the top of the shower curtain portion.

Sew a the hem on the bottom portion of the shower curtain (this is the part that would touch the floor) Remember to measure how much of a hem you are hemming so you can repeat on the other panels.

Sew a hem on all unfinished portions of the panels. This should consist of the inner portion of the tablecloth that was cut and hence unfinished now and maybe the outside portion of the shower curtain since only three of the six remnants are going to be finished on one side. Don't worry about sewing or cutting the curtain to a size that will fit your window! The way it is hung will make determining and adjusting the length too easy to believe!

That's basically it! Tomorrow I will take you through hanging your fabulous new curtains!

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