Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hott Colors for 2011

Recently, I have been drawn to Sherwin Williams Paint. I have had the hardest time selecting paint colors for my own home, and the Sherwin Williams paint deck has been my savior. As a result, I have committed most SW paint colors to memory and know them by name.This is very frustrating to my husband, he just does not understand why 20 shades of taupe should even be discussed. "Just pick one already!' is usually what I hear from him. But, picking just ONE is the difficult part....

Sherwin Williams has come up with four color forecast sets for the upcoming year. Today's feature will be on "Purely Refined" described by SW as :

True luxury doesn't shout its presence with glitz, glamour and bling.   It whispers, revealing its pedigree through clean, classic lines,  exquisite tailoring and handcrafted heirloom quality.  Pared down is the  new upscale, and its color palette demonstrates similar restraint,  filled with understated neutrals, yet with nuances and undertones that  interact in intriguing ways.  Layering organic textures and subtle  detailing add to the natural elegance of the timeless look.(sw webpage)

The featured colors in this palette are:

Bracing Blue SW6242

Bracing Blue SW6242 Svelte Sage SW6164 Rice Paddy SW6414 Light French Gray SW0055 Queen Anne Lilac SW0021

Peppercorn SW7674 Empire Gold SW0012 Dutch Cocoa SW6032 Upward SW6239 Classic Light Buff SW0050

And  a few examples....

Svelte Sage

Left wall- SW Peppercorn

Back Wall- SW Light French Gray

Dining room- Rice Paddy

Trim- Classic Light Buff

Adjacent room- Dutch Cocoa

Have you used any of these colors lately?

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