Sunday, July 4, 2010

a CoLOr has FInalLy BeeN ChOSEn

I have a box full of paint chips. Valspar, Olimpic, Behr... you name it, I probably have it. Having that said, choosing a paint color is still sooo hard!

In this post I thought I had it figured out. I was going to go with Behr Valley Mist. But after putting it up on the wall I decided it was WAY too bright for my family room. My family room has three windows and the sun sets on that side of the house. In the afternoon I have to make sure the blinds are closed or I either get a massive headache from the light, or my house becomes an inferno. I still LOVE this color, so maybe it will be used elsewhere in this bland, bland house of mine.

But hopefully it wont be bland for long!! The layout of the house is a little tricky because it is very open. You come in through our "study" or atleast that is what it will be when this room is completed. Then a hallway leads you to the family room/eating nook and kitchen. The cabinets in the kitchen are an orangy tinted oak, which made it even more difficult to close in on a color. I wanted to have some surge or color in this open area but didn't quite have an idea how to do it.

Finally I decided to paint the family room and "study" the same color and then paint the kitchen a different color for contrast. This is a bit unexpected since the two areas that will be painted the same color are connected but not open to each other.

The color we decided on is......

Sherwin Williams Universal Khaki
this is not my house but instead a picture i found on the web with universal khaki. 

I am excited to see how it comes out!

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  1. I'm sure by now you're happy with your choice of color. Universal Khaki is truly a beautiful color that is elegant, sophisticated, and timeless.


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