Monday, March 1, 2010

I love YOU more...

A few days ago we went over to a friend's house to help her with a project while her hubby was away. While we were there she stepped out for a bit to get something at the pharmacy for her baby. While there she saw the 80% or 90%  off (or whatever it is) VALENTINES aisle and jokingly mentioned to the manager standing by that she would give him $20 for all of it. To her surprise they agreed....

So back comes our friend with BAGS and BAGS of this stuff! All we could mutter while in shock is "WHY?" At which she laughs and says "Don't make fun, you ARE taking half of it home!"

This is Half

So  I will let you know right now, that in the next.. I don't know 5-6 years if you find yourself with a thank you, Halloween, Birthday (insert occassion here) gift from us, it will probably be in heart shaped form and may contain the words "I Love You" somewhere therein.

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