Monday, February 1, 2010

My sewing room

Our Suburban Cottage is hosting a linky party all things organization. I wanted to take the opportunity to show you my little sewing room project. This "room" is near and dear to my heart because I have NEVER been able to allocate a designated area to myself in my married life. All of the spaces in our various homes have been "shared" but I am confident to say that my little sewing nook is mine all mine!

When we first saw our house and walked into the Laundry room and the huge closet therein, I knew right then and there that this
closet and I would have an affair of sorts some day.. A craft/sewing affair!

I designated areas for ribbon, fabric, scrapbooking etc. The small plastic drawers contain thread, buttons, pins and needles.
My sweet hubby bought and cut a piece of plywood and drilled holes in them where he screwed flat head machine screws with a twist nut and oversized washer in the end to secure it in place. I still want to paint the board so it doesn't look soo boring but that will come in time!

Now my sewing machine and supplies have a place to call their own, and I have a designated place to use them. And use them I have! Just ask all of my lucky Christmas Gift Recipients! But maybe they wouldn't consider themselves soo lucky.. As you can probably tell by my sewing machine cover, my sewing is not very gooo looking, but believe it or not is getting a little better...
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  1. What a great little work space. And I love the fabric on your sewing machine cover. Now I want one! Thanks for sharing!


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