Thursday, February 25, 2010

My First Mistreatments!

I have a confession, I have been a bit down lately... The state of my home had be down. Now it wasn't a total mess, and it was not chaotic at all. I was just down about my lack of motivation to decorate this place. Since moving to North Carolina from Florida all I wanted was a permanent home that I could go crazy decorating and now i am just SO afraid to make a mistake. I know, I know nothing is permanent. But after you spend all of your energy and time and resources decorating you want to step back and be happy with the results.

Another factor that contributed to my lack of motivation is that I wanted to change my decor in this house. I wanted to incorporate Robyn's egg blue into the design and for a long time I had my heart set on painting a big portion of the home this delightful color, but after some consideration I decided to hold off on that and just leave the builder beige for a while. I thought about incorporating the blue into accents and drapery, but I want to get it right so it's going to take a while. Meanwhile I needed to make this house a home. Make it look like we were staying.

So... I used my old decorations. I was really over the Green and Reds that graced my previous homes but decided that for now it will do. I shopped my garage and my fabric stash for inspiration.

These are my first mistreatments a la Nester, and I LOVE them

Then I went on a tantrum and did the family room as well.

Such a small change, but I feel more at home every time I glance at the windows. Feeling cozier already.
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