Saturday, February 27, 2010

Getting Crafty

I continued the decorating high I was on, and got a little crafty. I was going through my garage and found a plastic plate that I bought in Garden Ridge two years ago for $1.99. It was turquoise but too bright for my current decor. Then I got this idea! How about if I painted it Valley Mist - the color I wanted to paint the family room, with the sample paint I had bought. I wanted to stencil something on it but A- I am not good at free hand stenciling and B- I dont have a Cricut all though I would love one.

So...I printed the Letter C on a thin trasparent piece of paper and placed it on the plate where I wanted it with a piece of tape. I then traced the "C" with a retractable pencil with the lead point not sticking out and remembering to press hard enough to make an indent!

Then I followed the indent on the plate with a black marker and then painted over it with black craft paint.

When the craft paint was dry, I then sprayed it with a can of polyurethane  to hold it together and give it a satin finish.
I think it looks great against my "mud" wall

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  1. Great idea to repaint and add the monogram - it looks wonderful!


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